Fly High, with Air Macau

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a journey of even just one kilometre allows people to experience more than reading over a hundred books! A visit to inspirational Macau,
and walking through its streets, proves the truth of this statement.

Macau a Special Administrative Region on the south coast of China on the East China Sea near Guangzhou. Many people planning to visit
Macau think only about the casinos, but a journey around this beautiful township reveals the real Macau lifestyle, culture and traditions.

Air Macau is the best choice for travelling from Bangkok to Macau. This airline has been in operation since 1994, and

has continuously increased its capacity to the stage where it now has more than 23 destinations, from Bangkok, to China, Japan, South
Korea, Vietnam and many more locations in the East Asia zone.

Air Macau is highly professional and gives excellent customer service. Flying from Bangkok to Macau only takes

two hours and forty minutes. Business Class passengers enjoy a luxuriously comfortable journey with express check-in at Bangkok and
priority processing through Immigration at Macau.


Reclining in the wide, comfortable seat gives the business class passenger a regal feeling. Food and beverages

served throughout the whole trip are in keeping with the total professionalism and helpfulness of the airline.

Once in Macau, a highlight is a walking tour visiting some of the popular historical attractions. This allows

the travellerto experience the authentic Macau lifestyle, meeting local people and enjoying local cuisine.

Many of the hard-working locals on this small Island have their own businesses, including restaurants, and tourists

experience tasty traditional Macau dishes as they journey through the city.

During a day trip, tourists walk to the Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, a significant tourist attraction and a landmark of

Macau. There are many tourists on most days of the week, from all parts of the world. At the front of the ruins, people gather around to look
up at the magnificent church architecture of the façade. It is exquisitely beautiful and powerful and a reminder of the time when Portugal
used to control Macau.


It speaks of the might and majesty of Christianity, as St. Paul’s was the biggest Catholic church in Asia. Sadly, a fire went through
everything, and left just the structure at the front entrance remaining aboveground. Fortunately, the underground crypts were undamaged
by this fire and are open for tourists to visit.

A second highlight is Senado Square, about a half a kilometre from St. Pauls. It is a wide square with a triangular shape. The sides of the
Square are in a colonial style, which gives tourists a sense of stepping back in time to the 16th or 17th century. Senado Square is a World
Heritage Site and inside the building there are a wide variety of shops. It is especially beautiful in the cool of the evening when the fountain
lights are turned on, making a spectacular display. Many people come to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this picturesque setting.

Even for travellers who don’t like gambling, or the glitz and glamour of modern-day casinos, the extravagant

grandeur of the casino complexes of Macau are a must-see. The casino and gambling industries are major

sources of income that are transforming Macau into a modern-day metropolis. Every casino buildingis huge

and looks like those in Las Vegas, America. This is especially so for the Venetian.

It has reproduced the architecture, landscape and Canel of Venice, Italy. And this isn’t just a casino but also a high-class hotel, restaurant
and big shopping centre that sells just about anything that the traveller could want to buy. For tourists who don’t gamble, just as much
enjoyment can be had by shopping for that special item to take home.

When departing Macau, Business Class passengers flying with Air Macau enjoy the new VIP Lounge at the airport. The lounge is state-of
-the-art luxury, and the subdued lighting is perfectly designed for the traveller’s ultimate relaxation. Excellent service with special food and
beverage makes for the perfect pre-departure experience.

Tourists will enjoy flying Air Macau so much that this will be the first of many journeys that they will make with Air

Macau, with so many territorial skies and other countries waiting to be explored.