Exclusive meeting with a British golf legend

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Exclusive meeting with a British golf legend

Having previously received 30 victories on the European Tour and 6 major championships, Sir Nick Faldo.
Faldo has become one of the most famous analysts in and out of the United Kingdom. Let’s get to know him a little better.

What do you want your golf fans and other people to know about you and your playing career?
A:  (sarcastically) Yeah, if I could remember my playing career. It was 30 years ago! That’s the problem. (laughs) No, honestly, it’s really nice
because a lot of people come back and tell me that they’ve watched me play and watched me win, and although they’ve moved on with their
lives, they still love golf. I’ve got a family now as well, and still I bump into a lot of people these days.  Not only do they give me nice
compliments but I also find it very touching how they made an effort to come watch me play golf 30 years ago. I’ve also been on TV as an
analyst for 12 years now, and they enjoy my work on television, as well. So, it’s very nice.

What inspired you the most to become a professional golfer?
A: Well I was a sportsman looking for a sport. As a swimmer, doing three miles in a pool is eventually no fun. Cycling, you know they say you
have to ride till you throw up. Great, that’s no fun. (laughs) And with team sports, you could play great and lose, or lousy and you’re not part of
it. So, I was looking for an individual sport. Once, I tried a little bit of tennis and I was told I was too tall. But, as far as golf goes, I think it was
the practice. The fact you could go down there and be totally engrossed in what you were doing for the whole day. I could tip a couple of
balls out at 8 o’clock in the morning and come home at 8 o’clock at night. I did this 9 out of 10 days and I was totally happy with it.

Please tell us a bit about the awards that you’ve won.
A:  Well the best one was from the Sun Newspaper. I won the Hunk of the Month. I was sitting with my top off, in my jeans and my skinny
little chest. (laughs) In all seriousness though, winning tournaments is factual, and winning awards is more subjective. So, I think the
greatest award was being knighted. That was amazing and a huge honor.

As you’ve teed it up at several great golf courses, what were some of your favorites? And do you have your all-time favorite golf course at the moment?
A:  Well, we are so lucky in golf. We’ve got so many different stops everywhere. I’ve played great courses in America obviously, and
Australia- the Sandbelt, Melbourne, and Kingston SE.  All those courses are great because they’re all so different. Many clubs around the
world have great golf courses as well. I guess my number one favorite would be a Lynx golf course, probably Saint Andrews, on a nice,
sunny, breezy day and you can get the ball to bounce how you want it to bounce. That’s pretty fun.

How’s your lifestyle? Are there any leisure activities you like to do apart from playing golf?
A: I fish. Specifically I like to fly fish. I still do it but I need to do it more. I used to do a lot of trout fishing down in England. I’d go to build up my
inner sanctum just to really disappear and be on my own. I would love to get out to Montana, or maybe New Zealand, to fish.

Where do you/ would you really like to spend your holiday and why?
A: Well, I enjoy spending my holidays here, and I’m also beginning to like Montana because I love the views, the scenery, and of course the
fishing. That’s about it because that’s all I have time for.