Dr. Tony The man behind Pavana Resort’s healthy programs

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Dr. Tony

 The man behind Pavana Resort’s healthy programs

The Background
With a degree in natural medicine from University of Natural Medicine, USA, Dr. Tony is a specialist in nutrition, natural food natural
therapy, and food therapy, as well as preventive approaches to healthy living. In contrast to modern medicine, Dr. Tony focuses on the
prevention and alternative medicine, with an emphasis on cleansing food and herbs that detoxify the body and prevent potential illnesses.

The passion in nutrition is the fundamental inspiration for Dr. Tony. His inventive cleansing recipes and methods were tested and
personally used consistently for over 15 years. As cleansing helps eliminate toxins from the body, over the years, he did not have any serious
illness and felt wonderfully healthy, and that solidified his idea to set up the Detox center to promote cleansing and healthy living in Pavana.
You might feel fine and believe there are no toxins building up inside. However, according to alternative medicine, there are 8 types of
toxins in the body, including alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, pollution, pesticide, fat, glucose, and stress. Modern lifestyle makes it impossible to
avoid all these toxins, so you should at least cleanse at least once a year.

The Healthy Way
Prevention and treatment go hand in hand with one another, and it’s impossible to live without each one. It’s better to prevent illnesses than
curing them, and that’s when natural medicine comes in. Let food be the medicine because good and healthy vegetables don’t have the
side effects as modern medicines do.
It may be difficult to eat healthily all year, but 3-7 days of cleansing with juices, nutrients, and herbs will definitely help ease a long year of
toxin and balance your body.
Nutrition is a modern knowledge, but if we combine the knowledge with healthy food, it’ll be a great motivation for people to happily eat
right and get the same amount of vitamins and minerals just like modern tablet vitamins.

A Healthy Advice
In addition to myriad of preventive medicines, cleansing is simply consuming high anti-oxidant foods in an appropriate amount, according
to each individual needs.
Each menu we’ve invented is carefully formulated to provide the required amount of vitamins you needed in a day, and our fiber drink is
cautiously calculated to give you adequate energy while keeping you full.