Swedish Artist Interview: Fredrik Wretman

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Swedish Artist Interview

Fredrik Wretman

Sit Fredrik Wretman down with some sculptural figurines and a can of Chang Light beer, and he’s well and truly in his happy homey place.
The 61 years-old-Swedish conceptual-to-sculptural artist and the Chiang Mai-based traveler shows some pre-eminent and cool little cutie
bronze in different postures, fun and surprisingly abstract-looking art pieces, amongst a bunch of other budding tools. We had a chat with
him below.

:: What’s your background? Did you grown up with any artistic-related family?
Everybody on my mother side works with the theatre as actors. My grandmother is like the grandam Swedish acting. My grandfather
mostly plays the role as comedian in the movie and the first movie he played in Swedish named “Said in Tone”. For my mother, she is the
actress in the theatre till now. My father is like food guru of Sweden, he is really creative man and being like the legendary chef – established
Swedish gastronomy. He was like the first superstar chef in the movie—long before the TV started.

:: Please describe the space where you do most of your works and all creativity – whether it is your art studio or living room bench!
In Sweden, my works created in my homey studio in Stockholm that I work and also create things in my country house. Also in Chiang Mai
where I am surrounded with friends who help me to sourcing something like materials, being here is like I would have an idea after being
relaxed and meditated .The actual situation when I get inspired or I get ideas that can vary very much. I am not the kind of an artist who
works in the studio like 8 hours from 8 o’clock to 5 o’clock and at night I closed the door. I actually work when I have an idea or dream.

:: Tell us a little bit about your own unique work and your truly style signature.
Actually I do making what pops up in my head but when you look at it after worked you can see apparently. I work lots of reflections. That’s
literately called conceptual reflections. I like to make arts for people to be able considering and think by themselves. I don’t do to lead
people think and I won’t tell them—“You should think like this and that”, you know? I don’t like to drive people of their noses.

:: What does your schedule look like? What do you usually do in every single day?
I have no idea. It’s always different. I must confess I like to sleep in the morning and prepared myself really late. At the day till afternoon I may
pay bills. I am extremely lazy person. That’s why I still alive. As the artist, you don’t have any vacation you have to turn on thinking all the
times. No switch off. I like to take it easy – like privilege to do that. My tasks to be lazy a little bit but when I need to get hook on something, I’ll
do it. To say something to have some kind of deeper meaning when I do my artworks, so I do thing without any hesitation, so I need time to
think. This is good excuse anyhow.

:: What food, drink, or song inspires you?
Since I brought up from the family with good food but I’m not a cooker. I like all kinds of music as long as it good. I think I know what it’s
good. Anyway, mostly, what inspires me is quiet. Just a silence and nothing expect on you. I feel relax with it and that bring up some best
ideas sometimes.

:: Your favorite or most inspirational place?
Chiang Mai. I love the climate which totally differs from where I come. And especially with people like friends here, I love the moment when
they talked and ideas stayed, some crazy different ideas happened during our conversation. Artist is like to show the world the way they
see in different angles and that I think is very important. When I was young, I went to the boarding school and there I met and known my
friend who is now the executive board of director. Then, he knows he needs to get ideas from different people to share and change his
perspective. And there he knows me more than I know.

:: What’s the weird idea you think – to involve with your works? And what’s the popular work created by such your weird idea?
My big favorite is the foot, Big Foot! It’s crazy in some way but in another way it’s really cool. The other one which is the most favorite of mine
is 0+0=8 which was like a game but visual also. And my current but not complete yet which I guess that will be really great is the fountain in
the form of dragon. Then, I’m working in the installation idea but it’s still on the planning. Often, I like making stuffs that I never make before
 – and that I know I really love to learn new techniques with the new pop-up ideas. When I feel like oh I did these particular things before, I get
bored. Then, if there’s something challenging me like it cannot be done, it can drive me to do more.

:: What can we expect to see more from your works?
99.9% of what I do, you can see in Sweden. I am like a world famous only in Sweden but nowhere else. I have my audiences and my arena in
Sweden that’s where I work. Of course, I am based in Stockholm and general galleries seen in Stockholm. I have my website but I did not
update since 2008 and I am not interested in such that process of promoted.  I mean when I was young it’s important to promote yourself
and to be seen here and then. I am not young anymore to feel such like that and I don’t need to be seen everywhere and people know me