Pathways to Success of Chai Detnoppharat

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Pathways to Success of Chai Detnoppharat

CEO of the Universe Sunsash Metal Co.,Ltd. 

He has been taking care of gates and metal railings business for decades. Today he offers us a boost of inspiration for those wanting to
start a new business.

Could you please tell us about your childhood?
I started working since I was very young, helping my grandpa around vegetables and fruits plantations. My family was pretty poor. My mom
worked outside home as a cleaning lady. She took care of me and my little brother. I quit school when I was in 4th grade because I had to help
my mom get some money to support our family.

What had you done before doing the metallurgy business?
After I failed to work in agricultural field, I changed to work at a tailor shop and had been there til I got some savings. Then, I decided to buy
a commercial building. We opened a small take-away restaurant downstairs while made monthly rental rooms upstairs. One of my tenants
was an ironworker. We had the chance to talk about this sort of work. At that time, I recognized that very few buildings had metal gates and
metal railings, so I saw an opportunity to start up my own business. As for me, I only thought about getting more and more money than
stable job with the government like other people at the same age.

So, how was the beginning of this business?
From the beginning, I got only one employer but he did a very good jobs. Our customers were satisfied with our quality of work and it
became word-of mouth advertising, which was really good for us. Then I decided to expand my business and established the Universe
Sunsash Metal Company.

What were business challenges you have faced? How could you go through them?
As for me, a business challenge is all about how to create new innovations to be ahead of my competitors. I like to go abroad, see new
technological ideas, and bring them back to develop my products or services. The most important issue is honesty to customers. You have
to fix with it. Also, it’s better for me to have good relations with the other competitors in the same market, why not? You need to know them
as same as they need to know you. This is my thought process and it contributes to business success.

Could you please leave a message for those who want to have business success in the future?
Yes, as for me, I’ve never stopping creating and developing all the stuff about my business. What I want to say is you can work as hard as you
want, but you need to have work-life balance. Why is it important? Why do a lot of successful business people always mention it? Because
you need to relax, at least your brain and the whole body needs. I love golfing and travelling with my family. I also like to do some social work
as part of the Rotary Club. The thing is you shouldn’t forget to embrace the opportunity to pay back to society when you are successful.