PLOY Nutsha Chairungsi

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PLOY Nutsha Chairungsi

An Example of How Personal Interests Contributes to Career Success.
At age 28, Ploy Nutsha Chairungsri is of the Gen Y who gained a master’s degree in Marketing (Distinction) and was determined to run a
business by herself after coming back to her homeland. As being an enthusiastic business woman, Ploy is presently a Managing Director of
Intec Commerce Ltd. Today she is willing to tell us about her business in an E-commerce platform named MadinThai.

What made you decided to start your own business, Ploy?
I have been keen on fashion and design since I was young. I like to have some style and fashion sense in life. When I studied in the UK, I still
liked dressing up but at the same time I saw some possibilities to do an E-commerce business for selling stuff because several people like
online shopping for clothes, accessories, grocery, furniture, and many others. Not only is it much more convenient for busy people than
going to choose the products in an actual store,  but it allows people to compare several products with one-click access. Customer service
after purchase is not that different from what they can get from the store. At that time, this kind of business was not widely common in
Thailand. So, I thought it was a good opportunity to start it up as soon as possible.

But why did you want to do a fashion business?
This idea happened to me when I was doing a final dissertation, which focused on UK’s biggest E-Commerce website named ASOS. This
case study inspired me to set up my own E-commerce fashion business for exporting Thai fashion products to abroad. Hence, I created a
website called MadinThai to be a channel bringing many Thai fashion producers together. Fortunately, I got some entrepreneurial
knowledge from a short-term course at a university in Bangkok before I went to study abroad. So, I sort of understood the sheer amount of
experimentation and hard work that may be needed to start up a business. Right after I graduated, it took me about 3 months to bring back
this knowledge and understanding before starting a company.

Now you also have your own brand of fashion products?
Yes, after the website was completed, I started creating my own fashion brand called Madboutiquebkk. Like the website, this fashion
brand is intended to be in the E-commerce platform due to a very stable connection of the Internet in Thailand. However, we emphasize on
international markets because the increasing levels of entrepreneurship in the Thai private sector are presently contributing to the
growing imbalance between supply and demand. We think it’s better to push Thai fashion brands forward to abroad, as Thai brands have
increasingly been recognized by foreigners over the past several years.

What does this brand look like? Does it have unique characters?
Madboutiquebkk is targeted to women aged between 20-35 and those who like to dress up differently for different occasions.  Anyway we
offer three outstanding collections – Poison, Passion, and Pleasant. For instance, the Poison collection is made mainly from synthetic
snake leather and other animal. I’d say our brand is the first one that use synthetic snake leather and animal pattern design on women’s
clothes. That’s why each of your products looks chic, unique, and timeless. At the same time, women can feel mythically sexy and confident
in it. We also produce bags and shoes to meet every lifestyle and preference of women. So, Madboutiquebkk products help them mix and
match their wardrobe.