Perfect Honeymoon Places

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Perfect Honeymoon Places

As love blooms and syncs the heartbeat of 2 persons together, the lovers take an important step in their lives and vow to always be there for
one another in front of families and friends before they set out on a private and romantic honeymoon to tighten the bond of their souls. But
with so many destinations matching the private and romantic description, here are 10 best honeymoon destinations in Thailand that will
always be in your heart once you have visited.

Khemmarat – Khongjiam, Ubon Ratchathani
The Romance of Mekong
Mekong gets extra romantic during sunset when the wind turns into soft breeze and the sun slowly paints the sky in different shades as it
goes down. Khemmarat and Khongjiam districts in Ubon Ratchathani offer some of the best spots to experience the peaceful setting of
Mekong and the romantic sunset sceneries from the balcony of a riverside luxury resort. Share the intimate moment and allow the
majestic Mekong to be the witness of your love.

Doi Ang Khang, Chiangmai
The magic of the mountains
Nothing beats cuddling up with your love one in a cold morning. If you haven’t done anything like that before or too shy to do it, let the sweet
atmosphere of the alluring mountains and the fresh cold air of Doi Ang Khang naturally guide your strength to express your love. Doi Ang
Kang is Lanna’s top destination if you seek romance and comfort because there are plenty of accommodation and restaurant options.
During winter, the mountain gets more fascinating as Wild Himalayan Cherry trees turn the valley into heavenly sceneries of pink flowers.
Why spend a fortune to capture amazing cherry blossom scenery in Japan when you can capture them right here at Doi Ang Khang.

Lopburi and Saraburi
Sunflower Fields
As the monsoon makes way for the cold winter breeze in November – December, the sunflower fields in Lopburi and Saraburi come to life
with oversized bright yellow sunflowers. People across the country race to see this once a year event, so why shouldn’t you make it a part of
your memorable honeymoon? Get lost in the world of your own in the middle of endless sunflower field and watch cute little dwarf honey
bees collect the nectar back to their hive can be fun and romantic at the same time. It’s best to visit the sunflower fields during the morning
as they start to wake up to the soft sunshine. Lopburi and Saraburi can be reached easily by a car or a train from Bangkok.

The Charm of Green Carpet
Who would believe that hidden in the furthest west of Thailand is a lush green paradise surrounded by lively mountains. The rainforest of
Kanchanaburi is the source of countless small streams and home to beautiful, undisturbed nature far away from the city life. This is a
paradise for honeymooners to share intimate moments together in a serene and peaceful setting. Spend an afternoon on a romantic raft
on Khwae Noi and Khwae Yai Rivers or enjoy the beautiful Erawan and Huay Mae Kamin Waterfalls. Be a part of nature and give your
marriage life the sweetest start. With the setting far away from the city, the night sky becomes a busy playground for countless stars to
complete who’s the brightest one while you lie on a comfortable bed with your soulmate in your arms.

Koh Phayam, Ranong
The Haven of Andaman
Ranong is locally known as the rainy city, so undoubtedly the province is full of lush green forest, but hidden in this region is the virtually
undisturbed islands of the Andaman Sea. Standing out of these pieces of heaven, Koh Phayam offers a truly serene setting with pristine
empty beaches for honeymooners to rest and indulge the peaceful surroundings. Watch the ironwoods dance to the cooling sea breeze,
relax to the sound of the calm sea, and watch the sun kisses the sea as it sets. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to spend a
romantic honeymoon on Koh Payarm

Koh Kradan, Trang
The Island of Love
Koh Kradan, one of the top honeymoon destinations in Andaman Sea, hosts the annual underwater wedding event every Valentine’s day
where couples dive the crystal clear sea to the seabed to make their marriage official among schools of colourful fishes. Besides
 underwater wonders, Koh Kradan’s white powdery beaches are also popular spots for a romantic stroll and gaze upon the emerald sea with
islands dotting the horizon.
Koh Kradan also boasts tranquil boutique resorts for honeymooners to experience this island of love at their own pace.

The Pearl of Andaman
Phuket, or the Pearl of Andaman, is the economic capital of southern Thailand. Phuket may be a little overdeveloped, but its surroundings
never lose their natural charm. With five star luxury resorts and chic boutique resorts commanding the white sand beaches around
Phuket, your honeymoon trip can be very secluded, yet so close to modern lifestyle. Experience Phuket’s classic sunset scene and enjoy
the honeymoon that will make others envious. The highlight any honeymooners shouldn’t miss is a one day yacht trip that slowly sails to the
stunning islands around Phang Nga and ends on a high note with the sunset scene at the famous Phromthep Cape.

Samui, Surat Thani
The Sea, the sand, and the 2 of us
Samui isn’t just the island with the most coconut trees, but it is also home to fascinating pristine beaches and friendly locals who have
been conserving the island for generations. Experience the magic of Samui, the swaying coconut groves, and the sound of waving leaves,
all add up to the romantic setting of Samui. There’s nothing better than taking a barefooted stroll on a pristine beach or cuddle up in a
hammock and relax to the sound of the sea before heading off for a candlelit dinner on the beach!

Hua Hin, Prachuap Khiri Khan
The Charming Gulf of Thailand
Even though Hua Hin has been receiving much attention and development, but every time you set your foot on the powdery Hua Hin Beach,
you can always sense its “getaway resort” charm. With collections of world-class hotels and luxury resorts, Hua Hin evolved from the first
“resort town” in Thailand to a popular destination for locals and international travelers, as well as a fine destination for weddings and
honeymoons. The most romantic time to experience Hua Hin Beach is during sunrise and sunset which have already melted the hearts of
many visitors!

Koh Kood, Trad
The heaven of the far east
If soft calm sea, crystal clear water, golden beaches, and secluded setting are what you want for a memorable honeymoon, Koh Kood is the
perfect answer! This furthest east island in Thailand had been overlooked for decades as it is just a couple of kilometers from Camdodian
border. Koh Kood offers wonderful undisturbed nature away from the modern lifestyle and unorganized development. You need to buy a
tour package to be on the island, making it the destination for those who really want to be a part of untouched nature.