Taiwan in Love

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Taiwan in Love

Out of all the moments in life, “Falling in love” would undeniably be one of the most memorable moments in our heart, no matter if it is only a
short moment or something that lasts a lifetime. “Love” surely does make our heart beats with joy, and it can be much more romantic and
intimate if you are at the right place!

This is a journey through Taiwan on a romantic season where cherry blossoms bloom across the country and paints this little piece of
heaven pink!

Even though Taiwan stretches only 400 km long from north to south, but it is not an ordinary island. The mountain ranges in the center of
the island give Taiwan a cool climate all year round, making it a great destination for most of the year, especially during March to May when
every cherry blossoms start to bloom from south to north. This is the most romantic time to cherish your love amidst the pink valley of
cherry blossom.

Since cherry blossoms bloom across the country, there are 4 locations to experience the fascinating event in Taiwan. From Cingjing Farm
and Wuling Farm, to Li Shan Cherry Blossom Garden and Alishan National Park, all of these wonderful attractions are embraced by
beautiful mountains, sparkling streams, and lush pine and cherry forest. The best part of visiting these attractions is they are all located
between East-West Cross-Island Road in the central region of the country which means they are easily reached from Taipei. You could rent
a car from Taoyuan International Airport and take a 4 days trip to explore this beautiful region.

As the weather warms up, cherry trees shake off their leaves and small buds start to shoot out of the naked branches. When the time is
right and the weather is perfect, all buds excitedly bloom together, painting the forest into a romantic shocking pink scenery and creating a
perfect setting for expressing your love without having to go all the way to Japan.

In the county of Nantau, Cingjing Farm offers log cabin accommodations amidst expansive hills that extend thousands of hectares. This is
where travelers come to enjoy fresh air, feed the sheep, and capture the spectacular panoramas of endless field of cherry trees. If you
think Cingjing Farm is a paradise, over in Taichung, Wuling Farm is dubbed as the “Heaven on Earth!” and “the most beautiful cherry
blossom garden in Taiwan” with fields and fields of cherry trees from the entrance to the parking lot, on the hills, and surrounding the
camping site. Unlike the farms, Li Shan Cherry Blossom Garden doesn’t have entry fee, so feel free to enjoy the pink scenery of thousands
of blooming Japanese and Taiwanese cherry trees.

It’s time to take romance back to basic and take your soulmate to the alluring cherry blossom forest for that unforgettable moment.

Taiwan Guide
Getting there : Many international airlines, including Tigerair (www.tigerair.com/th/en/), NokScoot (www.nokscoot.com/th/), and Thai
Airways (www.thaiairways.com), fly 3.5 hours direct flights from Thailand to Taiwan.
Cuisine : Authentic Taiwanese food is a fusion of Chinese and Japanese food. For example, Taiwanese people would enjoy gyoza, steamed
bun, noodle, or rice porridge for breakfast. If you visit Taipei, head to Ximending market for an exciting foodie experience.
Souvenirs : Placenta cream at Cingjing Farm, and pretty train and cherry blossom key rings from Alishan National Park.
More info : For more enquiry, please contact Magic on Tour. Tel. 09-9219-0822, 0-2444-3173 www.magic-ontours.com