I wreaked havoc, but at the end of the day they nurtured a songwriter

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                                                           Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Chiang Mai is a city of mountainous nature where you can find lots of natural destinations to go to. Among those various destinations,
there is one place we would highly recommend you to visit. The garden where different kinds of trees and flowers all around are well-
arranged forming a wonderful natural learning center so called Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden.

Last year in December, the garden has just launched a Canopy Walkway where you can absorb in the charm of nature 20 meters above the
ground. The walkway of 400 meters long is built with Hot Dip Galvanized, strong and safe that you can walk without worried. Or may be a
little bit exciting as some parts of the floor are made of glass, thick glass of course, but can still give a flutter. If you want to try for yourself,
the walkway is not far from Glasshouse Complex.

The Glasshouse Complex is an extensive glass house perching on the hill. The largest section inside is the Rain Forest area. The other
sections are displaying desert plants, water plants, ferns and orchids. Moreover, there are White Flower Garden, Natural Science Museum,
Arboretum Trail and many other trails to learn more about the nature.

After a long day trip around Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden, you may consider taking a fresh rest at the Mae Sa Noi Waterfall, a small waterfall
inside the garden. Its cold water and refreshing atmosphere can put you to an energetic mode once again.

There are several beautiful spots to hang around and get to know the nature more. We may not be able to tell you about them all as there
are so many. So, let’s come. It is good to take your family members, friends, lover, with you. Even coming here by yourself can be enjoyable
as well cause the whole place is really worth visiting!