Phawadee de Crissey, director of Crissey group, Phuket

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Born in the peaceful town of Nan, Phawadee de Crissey set out on an adventure beyond her little hometown and pursued higher education at

St. John’s University in Bangkok. She’s now a renowned entrepreneur in Phuket and an important figure in Phuket communities with various

titles, including the Managing Director of Crissey Co., Ltd., and its affiliates, the Board of Association of Thailand Underwater Sport (ATUS),

the honorary member of Thai Red Cross, and the member of Business & Professional Women’s Association of Phuket.

Mrs. Phawadee de Crissey found love with Mr Claude de Crissey, the Hornorary Consul of France in Phuket and the founder of All 4 Diving
and the Royal Phawadee Village Hotel. They soon tied the knot, and after a few years of running the businesses together, they reached out
to another business and became the sole distributors of diving gears from USA and Italy. Their business empire now has over 250 staffs,
but they wouldn’t stop there.
The titles and success are the result of decades of hard work. The couple have been managing Royal Phawadee Village for almost 20 years
and it’s still going strong. The hotel is just 150 metres from the famous Patong Beach and visitors love this traditional Thai home design
surrounded by lush garden full of different variety of plants. That’s why Royal Phawadee Village is often dubbed as the “oasis” of Patong.
As for diving and tour businesses, Mrs. Phawadee leads Aquamaster (Thailand) Co., LTD., the sole distributor of diving gears from USA and
Italy with outlets around the country, including Central Mall, All 4 Diving Co., Ltd., the one-stop diving shop where you can learn to dive, buy
diving gears, and go on a diving tour to world-class dive sites such as Koh Racha, Koh Phi Phi, and many more routes in the near future.
Extending beyond the border, All 4 Diving (Indonesia) on Bali provides the same integrated services as its Phuket sister, and Mermaid
Liveaboard (Indonesia), also on Bali, offers a memorable overnight diving vacation on two boats -but reservation has to be made at least 18
months in advance.
“Comparing the number of customers and divers, and our sale of diving gears (to the previous years), the numbers are rising year on year.
We are confident that Phuket will continue to attract travelers from around the world,” comments Phawadee.
Although Phawadee has been working hard for a long time, she is able to balance her work and personal life extremely well. “In our family we
are very close. We can talk about anything and we always try to find time to do activities together. Most of the time we would go out on a
boat because my husband (Claude) loves water sports. We try to make time for one another 3 to 4 times a week, because we both have
social responsibility. Claude is the Honorary Consul of France and sometimes we have to cancel our family activity when French people are
in trouble,” Phawadee explains.
Even though, with her personal experience in helping tourists, she easily feels how prevalent accidents bring negative views of Phuket to
the public, she remains hopeful to see the authorities to be more active into guaranteeing the safety of their visitors.
“I want the world to see us improve for better experiences, not just for the money,” Phawadee pointed out how Phuket could improve.