Jarid Thai Food | Fine Wines

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jarid restaurant, situated within the ART MAI ?  GALLERY HOTEL is a contemporary dining experience. The carefully constructed menu
offers Thai fusion food and international dishes, both complemented with a selection of imported wines. The fine flavor of the sumptuous
food befits the stunning artistic environment of the hotel in which the restaurant resides. Designed by six leading Thai artists, ART MAI ?
GALLERY HOTEL is  welcomes guests into an unforgettable experience of contemporary Thai art. The same six artists who designed the
hotel have also created the tantalizing signature dishes on Jarid’s menu.

This issue is proud to recommend four dishes from four famous artists. The first dish, ‘Kang Som Pun Prueak’ is designed by Jroon Boon. It
is an intensely spicy and sour curry which begs to be experienced. The next suggestion is one after the heart of all meat lovers, ‘Nab Neua
Chalit’ crafted by Chalit Nakpawan, is a grain fed rib eye steak served with a spicy Thai sauce.

The steak which has the full complement of flavors is well suited to be enjoyed with one of the fine wines on offer. The next dish created by
Sakwut Wisesmanee, ‘Salad Ruk Sakwut’, is an exclusive, only to be found at Jarad, it is real treasure in that the artist selected the
ingredients himself and mixed the sauce inspired by his own tastebuds. A new salad, which imaginativelycombines fresh salad with crispy
pork crackling. The last dish we would like to recommend is by an artist known both to the last generation and this. ‘Kao Cook Kub Pod’ is no
ordinary dish since it was created by none other than Pod Modern Dog, the dish is a delicious mix from first bite to last.