Cook with Love

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This Japanese restaurant has its own special exclusive character and atmosphere. Visit the restaurant, and also check it out on Facebook.
The unique flavour of the food means that the Cook with Love is always on the diner’s mind – both when dining and when Facebooking

People who love meat must not miss out on Omi Beef Steak. Expert stove-top grilling is what gives this dish its excellent aromas and
flavour. Baked Scallop with Cheese is a mouth-watering item that is served with a topping of salmon roe and caviar on the succulent
scallop in its shell. The hungriest appetite will be completely sated with the sweetly flavoured Baked Rice with Seafood in Clay Pot.

Those who prefer a lighter meal will enjoy the Soft-Shell Crab Salad with fresh vegetables, topped with Japanese-style salad dressing. It’s
fresh, with both tender and crisp textures blending together perfectly.

For the Sashimi aficionados, it’s impossible to resist two signature menu items. Lobster Sashimi and Kami Nabe that is served with salmon
eggs and caviar on a bed of ice, and the delectable Sashimi combination of large succulent pieces of salmon, hamachi tuna, scallop and
botan ebi. Enjoy!