La Yeon Celebrates Spring with New Menu and Exclusive Offer

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(Seoul, 5 May, 2017) – Included in the coveted list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for three consecutive years, La Yeon, The Shilla Seoul’s
 three Michelin-starred fine-dining Korean restaurant, launches a Spring Menu. Showcasing the season’s finest ingredients from the
Korean peninsula’s farms and shores, guests can take advantage of the special “Taste of La Yeon” accommodation package.

“During Spring in Korea, the cold gradually fades, the flowers start to bloom and green buds come to life,” explains Chef Kim. “The season
symbolizes hope and a fresh start; elements I wanted to capture in the new menu. I was inspired by these new buds that may look small
and weak but are strong since they’ve endured the cold winter.”

Celebrating the season, the Spring Menu features uniquely Korean elements. Comprising nutritious ingredients that have been used for
generations, the menu includes delicacies such as geoduck, sea bream, king scallops, webfoot octopus, napa cabbage, mulberries and
bellflower seeds. A variety of traditional cooking techniques will present the seasonal ingredients, from fermenting and low-temperature
ripening to steaming and grilling. These meticulous processes reflect La Yeon’s ongoing commitment to honor Korea’s culinary history.

Spring in Korea brings a bounty of assorted seafood. The new Chilled Keen’s Gaper Salad with Wild Greens Sauce is marinated before being
steamed. The soft pen shells boast an aroma of fruit and herbs and are served with a drizzle of brown rice vinegar. The sweet yuzu sauce
adds freshness to the seared scallops with scallions, bamboo shoots and wild vegetables served on the side.


Enticing guests with the fresh flavors of spring, La Yeon enhances its new menu with a selection of light and delicate dishes, including an
Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Beef Porridge, Steamed Red Mullet with Red Pepper Seasoning Juice, and Sea Bream Fillet Dumplings. The
Abalone, Sea Cucumber and Beef Porridge is a blend of rice, premium abalone, beef, and dried sea cucumber simmered in spare rib soup,
garnished with wild vegetables and soy-marinated sea cucumber. The Steamed Red Mullet with Red Pepper Seasoning Juice, comprising
a broad range of traditional Korean ingredients such as clam, pollack, kelp, gochujang (red pepper paste), boasts a robust and well-bodied

Available in the dinner menu, the Sea Bream Fillet Dumplings comprise fresh red snappers, mushrooms, bean sprouts, pumpkin and beef.
The dumplings are complemented by sauces made of sea bream, vegetables, mustard and wormwood.


The new menu’s main course, the Seasonal Hot Pot Rice, is a delightful yet unassuming dish.  Cooked in kelp water with an optimum 0.4%
salinity and water chestnut, each grain of rice captures the flavors of the ocean. The dressing of red snapper and burdock highlights the
aroma, creating the ultimate comfort dish. The Spring Menu’s gastronomic journey culminates with La Yeon’s signature Strawberry Ice
Cream with Milk Pudding.

Wine pairing is available with the new menu, each wine carefully handpicked by La Yeon’s sommelier to enhance the dining experience. The
restaurant’s drinks menu will also be refreshed to include two new types of makgeolli (Korean rice wine) and two new types of Cheongju
(refined rice wine). Traditional Korean liquors such as a freshly harvested rice and peanut makgeolli are also offered by the glass for pairing
with dishes. All menus are meticulously crafted by the sommelier with an extensive collection of Korean wines to bring out the best flavors
for taste buds.

For more information or reservations, please contact La Yeon at (82) 2-2230-3367 or visit