Phayam Island: The love of The Andaman Sea

Ask anyone to name the most romantic place on earth and there is a fair chance that many will say the beach. Why’s that? Well, it is because of the combination of the golden sand, the sea breeze,  the rows of swaying coconut trees, the golden sky illuminated by the slowly setting sun all combined with the soft melodic whisperings of the gently breaking waves as they incessantly kiss the soft powdery shoreline, a true couples hideaway. If this can’t be called the height of romance, then what can!

Phayam Island, Ranong province is a renown oasis of the Andaman Sea, and is perfect for those looking to escape the rat-race of modern life. This nature lovers dream pleases the eye with its blanket of green foliage of trees and plants. Small private bungalows dot the shore and beckon for us to return to a simpler life more in tune with nature.

The shoreline of Phayam Island curves around the island with beaches giving way in places to rocky outcrops, and beautiful bays such as, Mamai Bay, KhaoKwai Bay, Yai Bay, Kwangbeep Bay, Mook Bay, Pai Bay, and KorKiew Bay and many, many others. Yai Bay is the best place to see the slowly setting sun. Here, when the weather is right, the sun can be marveled at as it majestically kisses the horizon with the sky putting on a serenely romantic light display of oranges, reds, and pinks. With the love of your life, check-in to one of the resorts on the island, take photos, and make long lasting memories as you share precious moments watching the sun slowly lowering into the sea.

Another highlight of Phayam Island is the patterns in the sand when the tide ebbs, a natural artistic masterpiece. On some beaches rocks can be found which have been carved by the forces of nature into the shape of hearts. A truly unseen exclusive to this island which begged to be photoed and shared.

‘Phayam’ translates to English as ‘try’, but getting to this island is no challenge at all, since it is easily accessible. Sweethearts visiting the island need not try to say how much they love each other as they already know.

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