Laksuree Detrerkpan

Laksuree Detrerkpan

Laksuree Detrerkpan

Marketing Communications Director / Baan Witthayu CO., LTD

As health along with beauty are being more concerned every day, spa business is consequently rising for it is an effective and safe way to rejuvenate. 24Life sees this interesting and gladly we met Laksuree Detrerkpan, a Marketing Communications Director of BHAWA Spa. Understanding service and management by her heart, she is so generous to share her experience and knowledge of spa business with us.

What is your background and inspiration?

I was working with a national airline in Europe where I learnt the heart of service business and service business management. Being an exchange student for a year, I understand the pros and cons of Thai and western cultures. As a Thai, I believe it’s my duty to introduce Thai culture and exchange ideas with foreigners. When I have the opportunity to work in a spa, I put the service standard learnt from the airline to use, and at the same time, introduce Thai wisdom and tradition, as well as the renowned Thai service.

What is your concept of health resort management? How do you want it to be?

I want to see world-class service standards in Thai spas. We already have the reputation in services, and we can develop a system to improve our service beyond customer’s expectation. Every time people think of when they think of spas, they will think of Thailand and its unique tradition.

Target customer

Travelers are our primary target because they seek quality services and products. Thai spas are also more affordable when compared to other countries. Our spa gets mostly Asian and European travelers, but we are aiming to attract more travelers from neighbouring countries. Beside spa customers, we also provide consultations, trainings, and spa product and service design.

What is your view on health today?

People are more concern about health today. The heart of BHAWÁ’s product and service development is practicality, and everything we use is carefully selected with the highest standard and suitability.

What makes BHAWA unique?

BHAWÁ’s product and service are sincerely delivered from the heart of our staffs because we aim for BHAWÁ to be filled with sincerity and love for customers and staffs alike.

BHAWÁ represents a small and loving community because it is our home where we share our passion and love.

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